Five Reasons to Invest

Multiple Investment Options

Invest by buying a coin or through our Capital Growth Plan

Flexible Trading Platform

Realise growth potential with the flexibility to sell or top-up whenever you want

Capital Growth Plan

The longer term option allowing you to invest in a balanced portfolio of coins.

Tax Benefits

Investments free of income tax, capital gains and inheritance tax

Low Entry Level Options

Invest from as little as 10k

Are Collectible Coins

The new luxury must-have investment?

In July 2016 the Perth Mint sold its most valuable coin in history just two days after releasing it to the world. The Kimberley Treasure, containing a rare diamond from the Argyle Mine was sold to a Dubai businessman for $1,000,000

With demand for rare coins rapidly increasing, and the supply of diamonds from the Argyle mine rapidly decreasing it no wonder Argyle coins have become the must have investment for every portfolio.

Argyle coins

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